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The Reason For Our Wellness Program

The Issue

In the current age that we live in, we inevitably face and develop health issues as  our bodies are continually being exposed to damaging environmental factors.  We see deterioration in our biological, electrical, chemical, physical, spiritual, and mental well-being.

When our well-being is disrupted, our  body becomes unbalanced and underlying health issues will first reveal itself through subtle mental and physical signs and symptoms (i.e. constantly having colds and fever; being  tired, stressed, and fatigue all the time;  having random twitches/aches/pain; experiencing frequent brain fog and mood swings; having constant bouts of anxiety, depression, cravings, obsession, addiction,  and low self-esteem, ….).

Unfortunately, these subtle signs and symptoms are usually not investigated and deemed clinical significant by the medical doctor unless they think it is part of a pathological picture. However, in actuality they are important in informing us that our body’s biological terrain is out of balance, and that the it is working to balance any  sub-clinical foundational health issues.

Despite this, if the body is unable to remove these sub-clinical health issues and the sub-clinical health issues goes on for extended periods of time, our signs and symptoms can become severe enough to be flagged clinical significant by the doctor. Based on the combination and severity of signs and symptoms that you have, the doctor then makes a clinical diagnose of a particular health condition, commonly associated with disorder, syndrome, or disease as established by the medical industry.

The Current State of “Wellness”

Labeling people as having a particular health condition based heavily on test results rather than looking at the individual as a whole (including comprehensive symptoms report, lifestyle, diet, areas of stress, energy levels, etc.) is where the medical establishment falls short. By not looking at the person as a whole we look towards drugs for treating the signs and symptoms associated with the health condition, and not the deep underlying root cause of the problem.

Although drugs can be absolutely beneficial for genetic and serious health conditions, or in the short-term and in acute cases (i.e. traumatic  situations), drugs can cause problems in the long-term due to their potential negative side effects and the cause of nutrient deficiencies. When drugs are used continuously to treat signs/symptoms associated with a particular health condition, we start to forget our inherent ability to recover as a whole through natural means (i.e. nutrients, lifestyle) and in a viscous cycle put more reliance on the drugs. We become addicted to a temporary “quick fix”.

The root cause of health concerns will not be fixed, and the individual will become unbalanced as seen through additional signs and symptoms. The current medical establishment will then order more blood work, and by not analyzing these tests functionally and looking at the person as a whole, will then add or change the dosage of drugs to treat the particular health condition and not the person. If drugs do not do justice, surgery may be required as an alternative to patch up the diseased tissue/organ, however, did you know that 225,000 Americans die from iatrogenic causes, such that their death  is caused by physician mistakes and hospital activity including unnecessary surgery, medication, hospital-acquired infections, and negative side effects of drugs? It is the third leading cause of death in the U.S., after heart disease and cancer!

Integrative Wellness Model

Although the current medical system is fabulous in detecting and resolving acute health situations (i.e. traumas, infections), it is overly inefficient ALONE when it comes to early detection, prevention, or/and dealing with chronic health issues (i.e. metabolic syndrome, obesity, type II diabetes, chronic inflammatory disorders – osteoarthritis; autoimmunity – RA, multiple sclerosis, fibromyalgia; cancer, mental disorders – depression, anxiety, autism-spectrum disorders, etc.). There is a more effective way in healing when there is a collaboration between the medical health care system, alternative health care system, and community social system (i.e. support groups, communities, or/and congregations). By combining the modalities in each of these systems in an appropriate manner, healing can be potentiated and sustained. 

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