About Thomas’s Wellness Health

Our Mission:

Through well-researched, cost effective, and clinically proven nutritional, lifestyle, and spiritual/mental recommendations, in collaboration with health care professionals, Thomas’ Wellness Health Ministry aims toward providing guidance in promoting your wellness today, tomorrow and thereafter.  

In conjunction with other health care professionals, we are committed to providing you with the most accurate information regarding your health in order to aid you in reaching your short term and long term wellness health goals.


Owner, and Certified Holistic Nutritionist

Hello, my name is Thomas. I am a Certified Holistic Nutritionist, and medical laboratory technologist (hematology and transfusion medicine).

I am passionate about human health and nutrition.  Through food and lifestyle changes alone, I have successfully improved my health issues including high blood pressure, constipation, and close to obesity.

I am also a Christian, and my relationship with with God has developed through reading the bible and other christian books.  Through some of the teachings that the word has provided me, I have discovered that, to live freely, I must renew my mind in Christ — living in a way that is contrary to how many people live today; stressed, worried, anxious, and lost.  By understanding that God always provides what we need, I am now less confused, stressed, worried, and anxious compared to the past.  By trusting in God’s ability to heal, and the wisdom he provides, I have been able to reduce the progression of my glaucoma without the use of drugs, supplements, or surgery.

As a result of my experiences on God’s healing and my knowledge in human health, nutrition, and spiritual devotion, I now help adults with managing all kinds of stress through one-on-one or group counselling.