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These moist little dehydrated wellness cookies are packed full of nutrition and flavor. Nutrition Facts: Raw: the integrity of nutrition (especially vitamins and fats) are kept High in fiber important for blood sugar control, and cardiovascular and digestive health High in good fats (essential fatty acids - omega 3 and 6, monounsaturated
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Have you had times where you went to the hospital not feeling well, and after ordering blood work, you were sent home because of a normal lab result? Do you see the doctor for recurrent symptoms, health conditions, or pain that just doesn’t resolve despite having normal lab results? Do
April 26, 2017

Blood is Vital for Life

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Why is Blood Vital for Life? Your blood is the river of life that flows through your body. It is a vital tissue not only needed for the proper functioning of all your organs, but also allows them to be connected and have communication with each other.  Did you know that? An average adult body
  Did you know that in a cross-sectional study performed in 2009, 1 in 7 of non-smoking Canadian adults (ages 20-29) had serum vitamin C deficiency (<11 µmol/L), 1 in 3 had sub-optimal Vitamin C levels, and only 53% had adequate serum vitamin C levels (>28 µmol/L)?  You may be
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Although we previously discussed that mental stress can be a large detriment to our health, did you know that it has been shown through science that filling ourselves with a good spirit, we can have the power to dislodge such stressers caused by a bad spirit, and eventually dislodge the health consequences?