R.E.S.T. (Reduce and Ease Stress Today)

Root Cause

Finding The Root Cause Of Your Health Concerns

Current research of epigenetics (nutrition, environment, lifestyle, thought process, spiritual devotions, etc.) indicates that the cause of disease is much more complicated than having poor genes, bad luck, or the aging process.  Many Science papers to date indicate that what we call disease, is actually just the end stage of low-grade chronic dis-ordered (or stressed) response of the body that springs out of control. These stressors can be caused by emotional and physical trauma, mental stress, infections, chemical toxins, radiation and electromagnetic force (EMF) exposure, nutrients imbalance, and activity imbalance. How susceptible we are to these 7 stressors in developing health conditions depend in part by our genetics. Research indicates that people have a genetic propensity for health conditions related to the digestion system (IBS, IBD, dysbiosis), immune system (autoimmune, inflammatory), and neuro-endocrine system (thyroid, diabetes, detoxification, anxiety, depression, pain, weight, fatigue).

When the body is continuously stressed, the toxic load in the body increases, eventually metabolically breaking down into dis-ease. Fortunately, it has been clinically shown that this catabolic physiology can be reversed by optimizing pH/electrolytes, optimizing muscle mass, reducing inflammation, improving insulin/cortisol sensitivity, optimizing gastrointestinal function, and optimizing micronutrient, macronutrient, and lifestyle deficiencies or excesses. Learn why it is important that these 6 foundational health issues be reversed by clicking here

Thomas is able to reveal these abnormal low-grade stressors by “functionally” looking at the person as a whole (spirit, soul, and body) through a detailed intake questionnaire, symptom analysis, live cell microscopy, functional blood chemistry analysis (FBCA), “in-house” testings (urine pH, grip strength, bio-electrical impendance analysis, and zinc taste test) and organic acids testing (OAT) if needed. Once the root cause of your health concern is determined functionally through scientifically-based evidence, Thomas will provide you with an easy to follow program that is not only clinically proven to be effective, but as cheap and stress-free as it can be, aligning with the ministry’s mission, to allow you to REST (Reduce and Ease Stress Today, Tomorrow, and Thereafter) and heal.