R.E.S.T. (Reduce and Ease Stress Today)

Lifestyle/Nutritional Counselling (Online Option Available)

What is it?

Lifestyle and nutritional counselling is perfect for the individual who would like to be educated on the practical ways one can improve their health and wellness. In this session, Thomas will guide you through practical means, in order for you to reach your lifestyle and nutritional health goals, whether it be physical, mental, or spiritual. This program can be done completely in the comfort of your home (phone or Skype).

Preparation Before the Counselling Session

  • Bring/send results of recent blood work

What Will Happen During The Session?

  1. Intake questionnaire will be reviewed
  2. Blood work test administered by your doctor will be analyzed functionally 
  3. In-house testings may be required (Urine pH, grip strength, bioelectrical impedance, Zinc taste test) — upon availability (can’t be done online)
  4. Organic acids testing (if required) — upon availability (can’t be done online)

For more information regarding functional blood chemistry analysis, in-house testings, and Organic acids test, please click here.

What Will You Get From the REST and Healing Protocol?

  1. In-house test findings and significance — when requested
  2. Clinical patterns found in FBCA and Organic Acids Test — when requested
  3. Lifestyle recommendation (“Conquering Stress Through Lifestyle Change”)

From the information above, Thomas will provide you with a cost-effective diet, lifestyle, and professional supplementation plan. You will also be pictorially educated on how the plan works.

**If online option is chosen, all the supplements will be shipped to your doorstep and payment options can be found by clicking here. Payment must be made in advance for both the online counselling service and the supplements being shipped**

Price: Free (15 minutes session), $30 (1 hour session) Book Now!

Add only 30 dollars for Live Cell Microscopy Testing. Learn about this service by clicking here.

Start your journey to wellness!

  1. Make an appointment with Thomas
  2. Download intake questionnaire (Contact Thomas to request the password)
  3. Fill out questionnaire as accurately as possible
  4. Email or bring with you to appointment