R.E.S.T. (Reduce and Ease Stress Today)

About Me

If it has to do with getting rid of metabolic health issues and the stubborn fat, I CAN DEFINITELY HELP.

I help busy adults reduce their main stressors so they can transform their body to burn fat, cleanse toxins, and live a life full of energy.

So let’s start here.

I am here because I (check all that applies):

a) want to burn fat faster and lose weight

b) want to get stronger

c) want to get rid of muscle/joint pain and skin issues

d) want to reduce stresses in my life

e) want to live a life full of energy and skyrocket my productivity

GOOD NEWS, my friend!

There is no wrong answer. If ANY or all of the above apply, you’re in the RIGHT PLACE.

Don’t stop reading because I’m gonna reveal you my story, message, and secret on how YOU can start tackling these issues one by one with people just like you…


CEO of Thomas Wellness Health

Hello, my name is Thomas, and it’s my goal to help YOU achieve your health and fitness goals WITHOUT going on a strict diet, counting calories, or spending hours at the gym.

I am a Certified Nutritional Practitioner, and Medical Laboratory Technologist with a Bachelors of Science Degree.

I am passionate about human health, and an expert in clinical nutrition and functional medicine.

Through food, supplements, and lifestyle changes alone, I have successfully resolved my health issues including high blood pressure (130 to normal), obesity (lost 70 pounds with optimal body fat),  generalized anxiety disorder, OCD, and even Glaucoma.

As a result of my experiences on healing, I now help busy adults reduce their main stressors so they can transform thier body to burn fat, cleanse toxins, and live a life full of energy.

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WAIT! Before you leave, I have a funny story to tell you...

I want to mention I was once in your shoes by going on a strict lifestyle (stringent diets, exercise, and supplements/treatment regime), and I believe that was the holy grail to my health problems.

I even started to prescribe these lifestyles to my clients…

Although one health issue was resolved, another health issue was created.

It was a never-ending battle of pain and frustrations!

But after a lifetime of trial and error, I finally crack the code.

And when I started applying these secrets to my clients as well, their health transformed at near instant.

So while I’m a big fan of helping busy adults reducing their main stressors so they can transform their body to burn fat, cleanse toxins, and live a life full of energy

My approach is all about YOU 

I’ve told you my story, and I don’t want YOUR story to follow the same trap as I did.

So I want you to fill in the blanks:

What if you took actions today? ________ (your health and life will finally change)

But what if you don’t? ________ (and obviously nothing gonna change)

Just something to think about…

Sending you  wellness and health,

Thomas Wong, CNP, MLT, BSc

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