R.E.S.T. (Reduce and Ease Stress Today)

Where do I find meaning, wisdom, and understanding of the universe?

Where do I find meaning, wisdom, and understanding of the universe?

Although we previously discussed that mental stress can be a large detriment to our health, did you know that it has been shown through science that filling ourselves with a good spirit, we can have the power to dislodge such stressers caused by a bad spirit, and eventually dislodge the health consequences?

As humans, we tend to forget that we are composed of a soul, body, and a spirit (see diagram below).  When these 3 deviations of ourselves are in harmony, this can promote health, wellness, strength and vitality.  The interconnection between these 3 deviations can be seen in the field of psychosomatic energetics, energy medicine, psychoneuroimmunology, and neurobiology.

Our soul consists of our minds, our will, and our emotions, which houses our spirit. Our flesh (body) has three parts: the ectoderm, mesoderm, and endoderm, from which the organ systems, brain, and body form. The flesh (body) is connected with the soul through the mind and the heart is central to our emotions which in turns connected to our spirit:

Our Spirits Can Answer Questions Like:

  • What is the reason for my existence?
  • Where do I find meaning, wisdom, and understanding of the universe?
  • Are there feelings about the meaning and goals of life beyond material values?
  • What is my connection to people and the universe?
  • Why is the world full of imperfections and suffering?
  • What does it mean to be perfect in love?
  • How should I think and live my life in difficult circumstances?
  • What happens and where do I go when I die?

Benefits of Having Spiritual Devotions:

  • Positive impact in mortality (rate of incidence of death)
  • Communities formed through spiritual devotions can help prevent a stress response caused by social isolation, loneliness, and separation from “goodness”
  • Can help mediate anxiety, depression, substance abuse, dietary habits, exercise patterns, social and personal capital, etc.
  • Meditation/mindfulness during spiritual devotions have shown to:
    • inhibit the “fight and flight” response and promote “rest and digest” response
    • promote positive mental health
    • Improve mental well being
    • Increases melatonin production and improving sleep
    • improve immunal function
    • Long term: longer telomeres (slows aging), can hard wire our mind in love that brings peace and health to body and mind naturally
  • Better at coping with physical and mental illness
  • Can reduce health complications from disease
  • Help in coping and complying with treatments
  • Helps reduce anxiety, improve immunity, decrease levels of inflammation, and help in reducing infections
  • expedited recovery times
  • Prayer, meditation, faith healing, support groups, and psychotherapy were self-rated 3rd, 4th, 13th, 14th, 25th most efficient treatments out of the 101 treatments in people who have Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (a chronic disorder).
  • Shown clinically to improve vitality and emotional energy levels required for health and healing
  • Shown clinically to increase the body’s vibrational energy during sicknesses
  • Cost-effective in promoting natural healing of the soul and body

How can I become more spiritual?

  • Can only be obtained through the spiritual realm
  • Can be revealed through worship, prayer, and meditation on the divine through:
    • Individuals, communities, and support groups
    • Religious devotions (i.e. reading divine-inspired books,  attending church, etc.)
  • Awareness can be increased by
    • Worship, prayer, and meditation
    • Fasting
    • Healthy lifestyle and proper food choices
    • Unexplained/miraculous events/experiences

Stay tuned for the mechanics of how our spirit can heal our soul and body through practical examples.